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The asset of the Institution is its Teaching Faculty, whose commitment and dedication has seen the University producing 90 to 100% results every year. The Institutions commitment to providing a high standard of education which is additionally relevant to the continually evolving academic and technological advances has resulted in the formation of Academic committees with the specific intention of monitoring the academic curricula of the institution as well as some of the best infrastructural facilities in the country. The valuable inputs from these eminent academic scholars from different universities who form the backbone of these committees have resulted in the continual enrichment of the academic curriculum of the courses and programmes offered by the Institution.

The dedicated faculty members of Meeankshi use various modalities of teaching and evaluation to support their didactic lectures; like seminars, small group discussions, quizzes, participating in outreach activities etc. Various evaluation protocols are used. Apart from the routine internal assessments and model exams, they also have objective and online exams.

Our lectures are well supported by hands-on experience in the well equipped laboratories. Each laboratory can accommodate over 90 students. Every lab has a demo room for the students to receive their instructions and conduct small group discussions.

Walk into one of the classrooms of the Lecture Theatre Complex of Meenakshi and then the spontaneous reaction is, great! Yes, it is. Meenakshi University has brought technology into classrooms for effective pedagogy. Technology needs to be integrated into teaching and learning process and the University has done the best to ensure it in these centrally air-conditioned classrooms. Technological has been leveraged for better student-teacher interaction, productivity and communication. It makes teaching and learning simpler and enjoyable.

The Lecture theatre complex is a two-storey building with 4 classrooms. Each classroom can accommodate over a hundred students. The seating arrangement is such that the students get an unhindered view of the faculty and teaching aids from all sides. All halls have public address system as well. Similarly, on the campus there is one more Lecture hall and two seminar hall with all the facilities same as the Lecture theatre complex, and can accommodate 120 students, are meant for the conduct of conferences, seminars and conventions in various fields.

The College offers a very comfortable living accommodation with separate hostels for boys and girls within the campus under the care of resident wardens. There is one hostel for boys and three for girls with enough space to accommodate the out station students. The water provided in the taps of the hostel is treated water with the central water treatment plant facilities inside the campus. The Drinking water is provided by the central RO plant in the campus. The sanitation facilities are maintained by the central sewage treatment plant in the campus. A Comfortable Mess hall has also been provided. The Hostel provides hygienic and quality food to suit diverse tastes and preferences. The other common facilities include availability of telephone and television.

Other facilities of the campus like Student Store – Sundry shop, gift shop, gym with instructor. outdoor sports facilities such as football ground, basketball and tennis courts, 400 seated air conditioned Auditorium theater with Dolby stereo surround, banks, ATM’s are available for the hostilities.

Apart from academic, the students are given enough opportunities to expose their hidden enough opportunities to exposes their hidden talent in sports and cultural events. The campus has a play ground for outdoor games and indoor games like table tennis, carom, and chess. There is a Gymnasium with a Health instructor to encourage the students to gain fitness and thus lead a healthy life.

The College also has a music club called music makers of Meenakshi for passionate music Lovers to keep themselves in perfect rhythm.

There is a fully air conditioned auditorium equipped with digital sound system with a seating capacity of 400.

The Student Counseling Centre is there to help you, help yourself. Having joined a professional course, you may face a number of situations that place several demands on you physically and psychologically. Certain times one tends to feel too stressed out. That is the time a Counselor can be of help. Talking to a Counselor would relieve your tensions and thus help you to get back to your feet again. There may be certain issues that are very personal and are interfering with your work and normal functioning. Peer group may sometimes be unable to understand them. Being away from home into a new environment can also put you in a distressing situation at times. A Counselor can help you to feel more comfortable in your new set-up. The Counselor is the person you can turn to whenever you need to discuss some difficult situations of your life.

The Centre provides total privacy to students who need guidance and counseling. All matters discussed are kept strictly confidential.

  • Academics

  • Examination anxiety

  • Feeling of loneliness / depression

  • Interpersonal relations

  • Feeling of physical and mental stress

  • Family issues

  • Career planning

  • Addictions (substance abuse)

  • Adjustment to the new environment

  • Stand by three diesel generators of 250 KVA, 180 KVA and 60 KVA capacity

  • All clinical departments are air conditioned

  • Land scaping and water bodies of International standard

  • 2 lakhs litres capacity water Tanks / Sumps

  • Escalator and elevator from ground floor to first floor


Faculty of Allied Health Science.

No, 12 Vembuliamman Koil Street,

West K K Nagar.

Chennai 6000 078.


Phone Number.

+91 44 23643955

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Email: info@maher.ac.in